M.S.K.F National Competition

         Karate Comp 25th November 2007

         Better late than never, after a busy but amazingly swift Christmas period (though a non-party period all the same!), the review of the MSKF 2007 Inter-Club Competition is here.  What youve all been waiting for.  Not

  From a personal point of view, I was incredibly nervous on the morning, even though I really thought I wouldnt be this time.  One of the most impressive aspects was the conduct of all the children competing in the kata category- they were first up, and all seemed to remember to bow and walk on as told.  The hall was adequately spacious, and though some found it a bit slippy, it wasnt as uncomfortable for the kata competitors as expected.  The scoring system paid off well, giving the Referees ample opportunity to exact their judging wisdom, whilst a select number of certain parents were on hand to note down the scores instead.  Certain students shone through as always, and a number of brilliant katas were performed on the day, with incredible stances, sharpness and strength shown.  Positioning was another plus point, and advice gleaned from the excellent Jonathan Mottram course various students attended certainly appears to have proliferated many clubs and is proving its use now.  Common consensus had the judges looking for power displayed in kata more than anything, and finding winners was no easy task, with numerous ties in each category heightening the drama for nerve-frazzled friends and relatives.  The standard in kata was the highest I have certainly seen (though that isnt particularly meaningful) and its heartening to see the progress we all know weve made as an organisation on display.  Team katas were fantastic, from the most junior competitors upwards, and the effort those certain karateka had invested was not only fantastic but obvious.  To keep the style, excitement and pacing with such panache was a feat accomplished by many teams, again resulting in a close contest.   Hopefully 2008 will see us compete in wider regional and national competitions, perhaps individually, perhaps as an organisation, and based on our collective current form Id wager wed do a sterling job, adding to each clubs trophy cabinet.  But Im just a poor impoverished student, so dont hold me to it!



  I was a total observer for the kumite section, and was duly bowled over by the skill, speed and tenacity on display.  There were some awesome competitors, making me feel very glad at times that I was safely ensconced on the sidelines!  However, the professionalism and spirit showed by every grade added to the enjoyment of the competition, particularly Team Kumite, which was as exciting as any live Premier League match shown every weekend.  Im sure there are other organisations out there just as skilled and efficient as us, so hopefully, in national terms at least, karate will take its place in competitive sport in some form or another, some time soon. 

Thanks Emma.Whitney



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